Human Nature is a podcast run for charity, featuring interviews with celebrities & environmentalists, followed by a game show round. It’s hosted by the young genius Elliot Connor from Australia. In my episode we talked about my podcast, Weird AF News and about my chosen animal – the bird of paradise. I chose this animal because it one of the strangest mating rituals in nature. I also participated in a game of animal trivia against two scientists and won! If you enjoyed the unique format of this show then subscribe by CLICKING HERE.

On The Lighter Side podcast I spoke with Jay about what it was like traveling Asia and performing comedy during the pandemic outbreak. He’s a huge Tina Fey fan so I told him the story of working with her on the set of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you enjoy this podcast episode CLICK HERE and subscribe to future episodes. 

Had a blast talking with Sean on the Getting 2 Know U podcast about Craigslist purchases, wokeness and cancel culture, and political/societal perspectives (3:32), school not being so good to him, getting into comedy by traveling to NYC, competitive softball leagues and my baseball dreams (41:20),  being in a cover band then getting into comedy by watching my friend at an open mic and LA’s comedy scene along with an ingenious idea to get stage time  (1:09:06) “Best 1st for Last”  (1:50:21)  1st time karaoke-ing for prize money in NYC and walking away with 500 dollars.

Stop by every Monday for the exploration of the mind. The Beer Latte Show podcast is hosted by Steven, Nick, and Danielle Del Prete. They have random conversations about the Paranormal, Aliens, Ghosts, Psychic’s, and more. They also uncover some amazing craft beers while doing so. I was fortunate to talk to this crew about why we always seem to humanize aliens and why Florida has the craziest stories. If you’d like to subscribe to the show visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

What a blast it was being a guest on the Guns n Radio podcast. The format is tremendous. We talked about me and then talked about a Guns n Roses related song. I amused the fellas with my tales of doing a comedy tour in Asia during the Covid-19 outbreak. Then we reviewed the song Automatic Overdrive by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. If you’re a fan of Guns n Roses then you should definitely give this podcast a try. Here’s a link to the official website: Guns n Radio.

Hosts Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma spoke to me about my worst moment in life on this episode of the Best Worst Podcast. Here’s a hint: my story involves a pimp, drugs, and the police. We also talked about the Michael Jordan documentary, Last Dance, and who the greatest basketball player ever. If you enjoy the format of this podcast, check out the official website and subscribe. Best Worst Podcast

I was a guest on my friend Koji’s show, Guy Code. This is a unique format. I was asked to give 5 pieces of life advice or wisdom for his son, who will eventually listen to all of the episodes at some point in the future when he is old enough to understand and utilize this wisdom. I just hope my advice doesn’t have an expiration date. Koji also gives advice and I believe that our wisdom is useful for anyone of any age, so give it a try.  I wrote an article about this episode where I break down all the advice I gave and even added bonus wisdom. You can read the article by CLICKING HERE. 

What fun it was to talk about doing comedy in NYC back in 2007/2008 with Mike All. I met Mike at the Eastville Comedy Club on East 4th street in the Village back when I was producing shows for the club and Mike was a new comic that was attending the open mic. Since then Mike has married and is a father and living outside of NYC but we were able to connect on his new podcast/video show, All Talk with Mike All. Watch the video to the left. and subscribe to his Youtube channel by CLICKING HERE.

Yes, I was back on the Last Exit to Brooklyn podcast with my old NYC comedian pals Erik Braunstein and Tom McCaffrey. I’ve known this fellas for over a decade and they are the smartest funniest East Coasters that I know. When you’re on this show you have to keep on your feet because Tom will fire barbs and jokes the entire time. It was a pleasure to answer his questions about my time touring and doing comedy in Asia during the outbreak of this pandemic. If you like smart funny comic conversations with hilarious guests than you will love the Last Exit to Brooklyn podcast. For iTunes you can click and SUBSCRIBE HERE.  

I went back to Burbank to record my second ever episode of the Sex, Jokes and Rock n Roll podcast. My comedian and musician friend Thom Tran brought me into the studio to ask questions about my recent comedy tour in Asia. How does one get booked as a comedian internationally? What’s it like to have your shows canceled because of a pandemic? Are white people responsible for this nonsense because we refuse to wear masks? We were joined by the general manager of the Laugh Factory, Enrique Salazar and his brother. If you like podcasts about music, comedy and nerd culture then you should subscribe to Sex Jokes and Rock n Roll on iTunes CLICK HERE. 

Some of you may know I am a huge sports fan, therefore I was excited to be a guest with Anthony K on his podcast, Sports Fluent. We speculated on the effects that the ongoing pandemic would have on American sports. If you’d like to listen to a sports podcast that has a sports psychology bent then you should subscribe to the Sports Fluent podcast. 

Talked to the hosts of the Rolling Sound podcast about what it’s like working and eating on the set of a network television show. Also went in on the craft of acting and what my process is. Hint: it’s nothing extravagant. If you enjoy podcasts about the film and television industry – especially behind the scenes then you should totally subscribe to the Rolling Sound podcast by CLICKING HERE.

I had a great time on the You Really Shouldn’t Have podcast.  We discussed the worst gifts I ever received and what it’s like to plan, host and produce my podcast Weird AF News in the middle of a global pandemic. If you enjoy the unique format of this original podcast then consider subscribing on whatever podcast player you listen to at THIS LINK

Listen to the Vibes podcast was a fun appearance. The host, Kyle was a delight to speak with and he is very much a fan of the tv shows I have appeared on, especially Gotham. If you enjoy on-depth honest conversations then you’ll definitely enjoy the Listen to the Vibes podcast. Consider subscribing to the show’s Youtube channel or the audio only podcast LINK HERE.

Home Schooled podcast is run by a comedian friend of mine, Agostino Zioda, who I met in Los Angeles. In this episode we of course talk about the business of standup comedy. We also have a lengthy conversation about the Louis CK debacle as most comedians were doing around this time. If you enjoy the episode and/or if you just like hearing comedians talk about the craft in general please consider subscribing to the Home Schooled podcast on any of your podcast players. 

I was featured on the Unscripted Narrative podcast and we discussed my career in comedy and podcasting. We dug deep into why it’s so difficult being a vocal creator these days within a culture that is overly sensitive. Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts and if you enjoy it please subscribe to the Unscripted Narrative at the following LINK HERE

The Martin Montana Show was a good time. Martin is a comedian that I met in New York City who happens to share a background as a New Englander. We talked about my beginnings of comedy in Boston as a musician/comedian and my transition to NYC. I also went on a rant about why all drugs should be legal. Good times! Check out Martin’s tour dates on his WEBSITE.

My third time as a guest on the Sex Actually Podcast was funny and educational. Finally Tasha Courtney was able to join Dave and I for this two plus hour episode. We covered quite a few topics such as how to pickup a girl on St. Patty’s Day, why you should be as truthful as possible when dating, and signs that she just isn’t into you. Subscribe and listen to back episodes of the SAP HERE.

I was a guest on Brotocol – a show hosted by my funny friends the Virzi Triplets. The Virzi brothers are comedian triplet brothers known best for their memorable appearance on America’s Got Talent and The Gong Show

On their podcast Brotocol, we talked about dating, diet, and doing comedy in Los Angeles. I was proud of myself for just getting each of their names right. Subscribe to their Youtube Channel for more from these funny Italian brothers. 

I sat down recently with my old friend Esther Ku to talk about our time coming up in comedy in the Boston scene and the challenges in Los Angeles. I give Ku advice on how to be firm with your manager and agent and then we talk about my vasectomy.  Subscribe to the Ku and the Gang podcast on iTunes by CLICKING HERE.

The MMA Roasted podcast is hosted by my friend, comedian Adam Hunter. He had me on as a guest recently and in my episode we were fortunate enough to interview fighters Mike Jackson and Don Frye. But the highlight was a 45 minute conversation with the president of UFC operations, Dana White. It was very informative and if you’re an MMA fan you will most definitely love this episode.

Please subscribe to the MMA Roasted podcast on iTunes by CLICKING HERE and enjoy.

I was a guest on the Roadstories podcast hosted by veteran comedians Murray Valeriano and Gary Brightwell. We talked about doing prom comedy shows, Mitzi Shore, and many other comedy related topics.

Ed’s Got My Money is a new podcast that I am co-producing. Ed Schoen is a blue collar guy and amateur stock market investor. Over decades he has developed a very unique approach to growing his money in the stock market. Comedians David Fickas and Jonesy have each turned over $500 to Ed to invest in stocks. Follow what happens. FOLLOW – Official Facebook Page and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes.

Sat down with two funny old friends of mine – Adam Hunter (Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing) and Mike Tsirklin for Adam’s new podcast, Things I Hate with Adam Hunter. Adam is also known for his popular podcast, MMA Roasted. In the second episode of this new pod, Things I Hate, we discuss: people easily offended by jokes, high rents in Los Angeles, and women that squirt (my choice).

The GWF women had me back for a BONUS episode where we discuss the dark web, drugs, ancient civilization and details on my recent vasectomy operation. Doing this interview was one of the highlights of my last trip to New York City. I am so grateful to have such smart and funny friends like Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. I could chat with them for hours and have. Here’s the episode link: Dark Web in My Balls with Jonesy.

Lucky me! I was a guest on The Last Exit to Brooklyn podcast with Tom McCaffrey and Erik Braunstein. We discuss my life in Hollywood, Kevin Spacey’s downfall and how I personally deal with the casting couch. Tom and Erik are old friends of mine from the New York City standup comedy scene and I love them dearly.

I was a guest on this episode of The Dirty Sports Podcast with comedians Andy Ruther and Matty Goldberg. We open the show predicting Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance and I bet Matty $50 that Janet Jackson WILL NOT appear. We talk about Kirk Cousins Face-timing his wife in labor, Jerry Rice crashing weddings, the World Series, MLB realignment and do the week 8 NFL predictions with Joe Praino via phone. And somewhere in there Matty does a porn re-enactment of my story of getting a handjob in a bunkbed by a girl I met playing Zog Sports.

I was a guest on the Playing With Balls podcast hosted by my friend, comedian and Philly native Shannon Leigh. We talk some shit and drink some vino! Shannon reveals some amazing NFL Coach Baller Stories never been told on the podcast before while I share some my own. We also compare NY vs. LA stand up comedy cultures, talk fantasy football outlook & pay homage to Tom Brady.

PART TWO of my interview with Dave Neal on Sex Actually Podcast. I lecture Dave about jealousy, PC culture, having tough sets, life as a comedian and much more. This one was recorded live from my Chinatown neighborhood so enjoy that extra ambiance, and by ambiance I mean overhead helicopters.


Comedian Dave Neal hosted me on his podcast, Sex Actually, and we had an electric convo about doing comedy back on the East Coast and how I bombed so badly that I got kicked off an Island. Eventually we get into dating, relationships and how karaoke gets me laid. The whole thing is funny and interesting, we hope. Subscribe to the Sex Actually Podcast with Dave Neal for more relationship talk from comedians. ITUNES LINK HERE

I guest starred as Myron Affleck on the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and got to work with Tina Fey. I later got to record some additional lines of dialogue in a voice over with her, just me and her. It was one of the greatest days of my life.

Youtube star Nikki Limo sits down with Jonesy backstage at the Hollywood Improv comedy club and talks about his pre-show rituals, guilty pleasures, and love of hookah. Jonesy asked NIkki on a date after this interview and she declined saying, “I don’t date guys that wear Hanes t-shirts out in public.”

The Edge with Jonesy was a show I produced, wrote and hosted for The Dish Network in 2016. It was a comedy talk show format centering around paranormal and weird fringe phenomena. Among my guests were a Flat Earth theorist, a man who claimed to have been bewitched by an ex and David Oman from the Oman House – the most haunted home in Hollywood.

My friend Thomas Jordan who is a successful host and Youtuber in Los Angeles interviewed me for his series called, Running the Light, where he picks the brains of a standup comedian. The interview isn’t very funny, however it gives an insight into my opinion of the craft and business of standup comedy at this moment in time. Follow Thomas Jordan’s Youtube channel for more interesting content.

I played David Letterman’s son, Harry Letterman, in a sketch on the Late Show with David Letterman. I followed it up with about 50 emails to the show producers trying to get myself on as a recurring character but they didn’t respond. So emo Harry Letterman was a one-off. But a memorable one in my opinion.

The Reel Guys (Evan Ferrante and Jordan Bielsky) had me on their show/podcast. What’s it like? Well, they picked me up, took me out to see a film at the theater and then took me home, cooked a meal and we talked about it on a podcast. It was by far the highlight of my week. The film we saw/discussed was Raw, a French independent film that I Evan described as a cannibal coming of age movie. Subscribe and listen my episode AT THIS ITUNES LINK.

My guest starring appearance on Gotham Season 1 in the Episode titled, Balloonman, was big for me. I got to work all day with both stars and they were so kind.  I will never forget this experience.



My buddy Thom Tran is a comedian army veteran and on his podcast, Sex, Jokes & Rock N Roll, we discussed the military reaction to Colin Kaepernick’s NFL pregame choices, my – at the time – new job as hosting Battlecam Live on Dish and getting my own show on the same network. TAKE A LISTEN LINK

My interview by Parle Magazine, a bi-monthly urban publication took place over the phone in 2016 and I was honored to be one of the few comedians they covered for their widely read columns. I began a relationship with the Parle community by doing live talent shows with them back in NYC and Kevin and the crew were always kind and supportive. This piece covers my fist arrival in Los Angeles, my impressions and aspirations. READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT THIS LINK> 

I started my standup career in Boston and it was there that I met Greg Boggis. Greg is a very intelligent, funny and generous Bostonian and I had the pleasure of being on season three of his show, The Boggis Hour. We talk about my move to Los Angeles and my time in Boston as a new comic and my adventures in New York City as a working actor.

I was a guest on the Movie Night podcast with hosts Dwayne Perkins and T.K. Kelly. These fellas are very funny and polite Los Angeles comedians and we had a great time discussing one of my favorite sports docs of all time, Hoop Dreams.


I was a guest on the Guys We Fucked Podcast with my friends Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. We go pretty in depth about cheating and my history with that behavior. TBH the episode isn’t half as funny as the conversation we had in my kitchen the previous night. Nonetheless, I was so happy and honored to be a part of their groundbreaking show.

Looking for a good book?  Each week your host Cornelius Peter interviews an ever changing group of comedians, authors,and entertainers and asks each to bring in a book recommendation to share with our audience. I was a guest comedian on episode 5 where I discussed one of my favorite comedic novels about Los Angeles, Hollywood by Charles Bukowski.


Puke Bucket Show

I was interviewed by the transformative culture website, about my one man show, Puke Bucket: a Comedian’s Ayahuasca Journey.


Whatever made you think that ayahuasca was funny?
Well, I’ve been a standup comedian for over ten years and I suffer from what I call the “comedian brain”, which is that I think EVERYTHING is funny, or anything can be made into a joke…
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I guest starred on NBC’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tina Fey’s face should be on the Mount Rushmore of comedy writers/producers and I was fortunate enough to have booked a guest starring role on her latest project, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This Netflix single camera comedy shot in New York City and stars Ellie Kemper (The Office) and Titus Burgess (30 Rock). My character Myron Affleck, the third least known loser Affleck brother. In episode 3 I direct Titus in the Spiderman on Broadway play. The role required a thick Boston accent, something I was born with.

Interview at Give Me Astoria

Interview for Native New Yorker

I was featured on The Last Laugh by My friend and fellow comedian Erik Braunstein interviewed me about my standup, commercial, voice over and television acting career. It was an honor to be included in this series and a joy to spend the afternoon on camera with my buddy Erik and the good people of New York Natives. Just a footnote: I am not a native New Yorker however I was told they were having difficulty finding true natives. There are so few, apparently.