Comedian Jonesy explains why, in a modern high tech democracy, all reasons you come up with to have a baby stem from ego. And by the way, decisions made from the viewpoint of ego are selfish and shortsighted. So don’t make a baby. Instead, consider adopting an already made baby or plant a tree.

Guardian article 5 Reasons to Have a Baby LINK HERE
Funny article on why NOT to have babies LINK HERE
Other topics include in this episode:
The Global Drug Survey shows us that mushrooms and marijuana are the safest recreational drugs. Jonesy doesn’t like them to even be lumped into the “drug” category when, in reality, they are plants. Check out the stats from the survey LINK HERE.
Also they sent mice sperm to outer space for several months and when it returned to Earth it still worked. This is an important study for the future of mankind as we prepare to depart for the stars. LINK HERE.