College is a fucking scam!
Free Your FN Mind with Comedian Jonesy episode 3, Don’t Go to College is all about just that – not getting ripped off by the illusion that it’s necessary to get a degree in order to be successful. Don’t take out college tuition loans from the federal government! Empower yourself with this information.
Here’s a link to an article on reasons not to go but it also mentions the 1970’s PR propaganda put in place by For Profit Colleges: COLLEGE ARTICLE
Also this link is to info on the For Profit Colleges Lobbyists: COLLEGE LOBBYISTS
And this article talks about former lobbyists who then work for the Dept. of Education, uhhh can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST? FORMER LOBBYST
Also covered in this episode:
May Day March 2017 – the history, the arrests, Los Angeles, Portland, and what it takes to truly make change in the leadership position: 32 million people marching to DC and demanding Trump’s head.
And man in China spends 36 years building an irrigation ditch to bring water to his small village. So inspiring!

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