Episode 5 of the Free Your FN Mind with Jonesy podcast centers around a discussion of public executions. Should we consider this as a cultural behavior given the current state of our country? Would witnessing public executions curtail violent behavior in certain individuals who are borderline psycho? ¬†Also should we give a shit if people are even executed “humanely”?


Link to the VA man to be executed with a questionable drug cocktail: LINK HERE

Prisoner kills his penpal: LINK HERE

Los Angeles prison spending: LINK HERE

New York prison spending: LINK HERE

Also I talk about “Super Gonorrhea” that is incureable, yikes! LINK HERE

Billions spent on helicopters that our soldiers can’t even fly. LINK HERE

Chart of 2017 US Government spending by sector so you can see how fucking stupid our bureaurocrats are. LINK HERE

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