Free Your F'N' Mind Show

Free Your F'N' Mind is a podcast produced and hosted by comedian Jonesy. The goal with this series is to open your eyes to the agreed upon illusion that is culture and to teach you to live beyond the shadows of cultural institutions.

Outliving Your Own Culture

Why is life less and less engaging the older we get? Ever wonder why you lose interest in the Superbowl, new Air Jordan’s, the latest celebrity scandal and the Oscars? This is because many of us, as we age, come to the realization that culture recycles the same events and stories and only the names change. We literally outgrow our culture. Comedian Jonesy has an insight into why this happens and how to overcome it with applicable tactics that you can try on your own. FOR REFERENCED LINKS:

Terence Mckenna Full Lecture, The Social Virus of Political Correctness.

Why New Things Make Us Feel So Good.

Exuberance for Novelty has Benefits.

Relationship of Novelty and Dopamine Official Study.


The Right to Vote

In the light of Ohio’s recent ruling to purge voters from the role for inactivity, other red states are looking to limit voter participation, which is the foundation of a true Democracy. In this episode, comedian Jonesy explains how democracy in the US is now just a polite fiction and that the interests of the citizens has been subverted by corporations and interest groups. He also suggests some changes to the voting process and looks ahead to a hopeful future of revolution and a re-establishment of a Government FOR the people BY the people. FOR SOURCES AND MORE INFO:


Ohio purges voters from polls.

Ranked Choice Voting in Maine (How it works)
Thirty Year’s War (Know your history).

The Gun Episode

Comedian Jonesy, in a rare angry state, rails against assault weapons and the Government’s limp-dick approach to issues that, in the end, create a landscape where mass shootings will only continue. The question: “Will the government do anything about it?” The answer: Highly unlikely. So what’s to be done about it?


Mass shootings in the US – stats

Federal weapons Enforcement stats 2008-2012

NRA opposing bump stocks ban

Federal laws regarding assault rifles, bump stocks, etc.

Reasons why Congress unlikely to pass gun control policy

General history of gun laws in the US

Nevada. A place where getting guns is so easy.

Assault weapons – legal and easy to get…

How many American’s own AR-15s?

Culture is a Damn Nuisance with Terence Mckenna

Jonesy introduces counter-cultural icon and lecturer, the late Terence Mckenna. The main crux of this portion of the lecture is that culture is an agreed upon illusion and a limitation on true human potential. Freeing yourself from the cultural boundaries is important in the process of becoming a free-thinking ever-potential unlimited individual. The Free Your FN Mind podcast is produced and hosted by comedian Jonesy.

Terence Mckenna Full Lecture “Drugs, Culture and the World Corporate State”
More info on Terence Mckenna
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Cops Shouldn’t Take Our Shit

Comedian Jonesy covers Attorney General Jeff Sessions new directive on asset forfeiture where cops can take your assets without due process. This is unconstitutional AF. How do you feel about it?

Also the ludicrous waste of resources involved in taking down historical symbols across the nation. Confederate monuments are coming down in many states.
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Public Executions Should be Routine!

Episode 5 of the Free Your FN Mind with Jonesy podcast centers around a discussion of public executions. Should we consider this as a cultural behavior given the current state of our country? Would witnessing public executions curtail violent behavior in certain individuals who are borderline psycho?  Also should we give a shit if people are even executed “humanely”?


Link to the VA man to be executed with a questionable drug cocktail: LINK HERE

Prisoner kills his penpal: LINK HERE

Los Angeles prison spending: LINK HERE

New York prison spending: LINK HERE

Also I talk about “Super Gonorrhea” that is incureable, yikes! LINK HERE

Billions spent on helicopters that our soldiers can’t even fly. LINK HERE

Chart of 2017 US Government spending by sector so you can see how fucking stupid our bureaurocrats are. LINK HERE

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Don’t Have Babies!

Comedian Jonesy explains why, in a modern high tech democracy, all reasons you come up with to have a baby stem from ego. And by the way, decisions made from the viewpoint of ego are selfish and shortsighted. So don’t make a baby. Instead, consider adopting an already made baby or plant a tree.

Guardian article 5 Reasons to Have a Baby LINK HERE
Funny article on why NOT to have babies LINK HERE
Other topics include in this episode:
The Global Drug Survey shows us that mushrooms and marijuana are the safest recreational drugs. Jonesy doesn’t like them to even be lumped into the “drug” category when, in reality, they are plants. Check out the stats from the survey LINK HERE.
Also they sent mice sperm to outer space for several months and when it returned to Earth it still worked. This is an important study for the future of mankind as we prepare to depart for the stars. LINK HERE.

Don’t Go to College

College is a fucking scam!
Free Your FN Mind with Comedian Jonesy episode 3, Don’t Go to College is all about just that – not getting ripped off by the illusion that it’s necessary to get a degree in order to be successful. Don’t take out college tuition loans from the federal government! Empower yourself with this information.
Here’s a link to an article on reasons not to go but it also mentions the 1970’s PR propaganda put in place by For Profit Colleges: COLLEGE ARTICLE
Also this link is to info on the For Profit Colleges Lobbyists: COLLEGE LOBBYISTS
And this article talks about former lobbyists who then work for the Dept. of Education, uhhh can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST? FORMER LOBBYST
Also covered in this episode:
May Day March 2017 – the history, the arrests, Los Angeles, Portland, and what it takes to truly make change in the leadership position: 32 million people marching to DC and demanding Trump’s head.
And man in China spends 36 years building an irrigation ditch to bring water to his small village. So inspiring!

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Mars Sucks!

Millennials are eating less cereal and it’s a problem for awful assholes like General Mills and Kellogg’s. I go over an article I found covering some of the ridiculous evil tactics that these company’s and their advertisers have come up with to sell more poison, I mean cereal. CEREAL ARTICLE LINK.

There’s an asteroid coming close to the Earth on April 19th – space rock – and it’s one of many that have been detected recently. Unfortunately NASA’s budget for their Asteroid Redirect Mission will be cut – Nasa budget – and a good deal of NASA’s research depends on private funding – Nasa funding. This is why it’s important to donate to organizations like the Emergency Asteroid Defense Project – EADP indigogo, a private group of of scientists, engineers, experts, entrepreneurs and global citizens dedicated to studying, testing, and constructing an asteroid defense strategy here and now, before it’s too late.

Our money is better spent protecting and maintaing Earth then trying to make Mars an inhabitable environment. And the final portion of my podcast argues this case. The radiation, gravity, dust, and length of day are among many issues that make this place fucking intolerable to humanity and we should stop spending money on exploring this stupid rock immediately. Even Neil Degrasse Tyson agrees: Fuck mars!

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Unplug From Social Media

I begin this episode with the topic of health care and making the point that whether it be Obama Care or Trump’s new proposal, services handed down by governments are usually shitty. I urge my listeners to take their health into their own care, to learn about nutrition, to exercise, to take charge of their lives.

I talk about New Jersey indoor farming company, Bowery. Their concept breaks from traditional agricultural practices by growing plants indoors in vertical rows without any pesticides. This will be helpful if we ever plan space migration.

Lastly, I talk about the benefits of unplugging from social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) and how to go about doing it.

“In addition to educational content, you will find humor here.” – Jonesy