Drunk lady swims away with fisherman’s bait in her mouth. Friend airdrops Subway sandwich from a plane to other friend on the farm. Ratpocalypse is real and it’s happening in our nation’s largest cities. Woman on meth calls cops to report her meth is bad. A memorial in Florida for dead Carnies. Island of fire ants floating down a Texas street will freak you out. Rich people buying the blood of poor youth to stave off aging process. Bears are turning vegan because of climate change. The disease where you cannot pee for years. World record for largest sand castle. Devil’s Tower UFO Conference. Topless parade in NYC draws men surprisingly. Stupid old Florida laws. Burning Man Festival burning death. Mayor of Hell bans heterosexuality, gets impeached immediately. Twinky flavored vodka. Ex Caliber sword found by a child in the UK?