Puke Bucket Show

Jonesy was interviewed by the transformative culture website, RealitySandwich.com about his one man show, Puke Bucket: a Comedian’s Ayahuasca Journey…

Whatever made you think that ayahuasca was funny?
Well, I’ve been a standup comedian for over ten years and I suffer from what I call the “comedian brain”, which is that I think EVERYTHING is funny, or anything can be made into a joke…
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I guest starred on NBC’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tina Fey’s face should be on the Mount Rushmore of comedy writers/producers. And I am fortunate enough to have booked a role on her latest project, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This NBC single camera comedy shoots in New York City and stars Ellie Kemper (The Office) and Titus Burgess (30 Rock). I’ve been told it will air in April 2015.

My character is Myron Affleck, the third least known loser Affleck brother. The role required a thick Boston accent, something I was born with.

Interview at Give Me Astoria

Recently, I was the featured “Human of the Week” for the website, Give Me Astoria. The editor, Sana, has been working very hard on this website that covers the goings-on in my current neighborhood – Astoria Queens. This is one of my favorite interviews because we Sana was very curious about the craft of standup comedy and I think that comes out in this piece. I also love how she called me a “philosopher”, haha. Cool.

Here’s a chunk:

In light of the recent death of Robin Williams, do you find that people can use comedy to cover up sadness?

I think people are always looking for “love me.” I do comedy because I want love. I want to feel that love from others in a large room of people. I think we all have this fundamental issue of a hole blown through us – something’s missing.

Check out the link below.


Interview for Native New Yorker

I was one of the latest comedians to be featured in the series The Last Laugh by NewYorkNatives.com. My friend and fellow comedian Erik Braunstein interviewed me about my standup, commercial, voice over and television acting career. It was an honor to be included in this series and a joy to spend the afternoon on camera with my buddy Erik and the good people of New York Natives. Just a footnote: I am not a native New Yorker however I was told that they were having difficulty finding true natives. There are so few apparentl