• GraveyardSTILLShooting has begun for a sizzle reel of a project I conceived called Wicked Bizarre NYC. The premise is a Boston Comedian explores strange and out of the way New York places and attractions. Our first say of shooting was at the Staten Island boat graveyard, a very erie and muddy place.  Watch a rough cut of our day at this link: http://youtu.be/hSk_vv3UVRs


  • ALteredStatesStillMe and my friends at Eagle Bull Productions put together a sizzle reel for a television concept I came up with called Altered States. As your daring and comical host, I explore various states of mind utilizing methods both archaic and highly technological. Watch the SIZZLE REEL HERE.

  • VIrginMobileStillI was fortunate enough to be featured in this spec commercial with some friends of mine BJ Thorne and Thomas Ray. Charles Nordeen and the fellas at Light Of Day Studios had a very funny vision for this project. It’s nice to know that a guy without a beard can get cast in a comedic piece. WATCH THE VIDEO.

  • I starred in Vickie Natale’s music video for her single Throwback Love. It’s very well done – Directed by David Visleki with a fantastic crew, shot in Rye New York. Good times, I got to drive an antique car. Not really. But I did sit in it for an hour. I know you’ll enjoy this video – CLICK the LINK BELOW.


  • Fantasy Football Assholes is the latest web video project I wrote, directed, edited, produced. The series depicts all the despicable behavior you’d encounter at a live fantasy football draft. It stars a bunch of my comedian friends and is worth checking out. Watch the playlist: FANTASY FOOTBALL *SSHOLES

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