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  • GraveyardSTILLShooting has begun for a sizzle reel of a project I conceived called Wicked Bizarre NYC. The premise is a Boston Comedian explores strange and out of the way New York places and attractions. Our first say of shooting was at the Staten Island boat graveyard, a very erie and muddy place.  Watch a rough cut of our day at this link: http://youtu.be/hSk_vv3UVRs


  • ALteredStatesStillMe and my friends at Eagle Bull Productions put together a sizzle reel for a television concept I came up with called Altered States. As your daring and comical host, I explore various states of mind utilizing methods both archaic and highly technological. Watch the SIZZLE REEL HERE.

  • VIrginMobileStillI was fortunate enough to be featured in this spec commercial with some friends of mine BJ Thorne and Thomas Ray. Charles Nordeen and the fellas at Light Of Day Studios had a very funny vision for this project. It’s nice to know that a guy without a beard can get cast in a comedic piece. WATCH THE VIDEO.

  • LastLaughStillI was one of the latest comedians to be featured in the series The Last Laugh by NewYorkNatives.com My friend and fellow comedian Erik Braunstein interviewed me on my standup, commercial, voice over and television acting career. I am so proud to be included in this series. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

  • Gotham-TV-Show-Fox-LogoI’m so grateful to have booked a guest starring role on the upcoming show Gotham that will be airing this fall on Fox. I have a couple scenes with the stars of the show Donal Logue and Ben Mckenzie, who were such nice funny fellas on set. I am so lucky to have spent the day working, or rather, playing with them – an experience I’ll never forget. Catch me in episode 3 – “Balloon Man”. PICS HERE.


  • I star in this web pilot produced by Walleye Pictures called Making Mr. Right, a humorous satire of a dating reality show. This was a great experience and I look forward to the web series being produced in full. The pilot was a finalist in the 2012 NexTV Writing and Pitch Competition. WATCH PILOT HERE.